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I’m currently looking for the next cohort of newlyweds to join The Capston Second’s online wedding planning community!

As soon as you’ve signed up, I will get in touch to give you my patented Capston Second timeline and budgeting tools and then be there to hold your hand throughout the whole planning process.

You’ll benefit from a total of 12 hours' of Skype sessions spread across your planning period to discuss any worries that you have and to help you make progress with supplier sourcing, or whichever planning tasks you are finding tricky. I host an online forum for everyone on the current cohort to ask for advice and at the same time benefit from others’ queries. You will also receive weekly “Monday motivation” emails and tips to keep you on track.

I even offer you a discount if you decide that you’d like me to provide my on the day co-ordination service or ad hoc assistance.

Online planning can be tailored to you depending on how long you have to plan but works best if you are between 12 and 4 months away from your wedding. Do get in touch if you have a different time frame and we can discuss a bespoke service.