Libby & Matt – wedding

“Having already been engaged for some nine months without making any meaningful progress towards getting married, we employed The Capston Second to help us get things moving, and I can say without the slightest fear of exaggeration that without the tireless, patient and meticulous help of Rachel the eventual wedding would have been a dismal failure, if it happened at all. She took a brief which was nebulous at best and chivvied, encouraged and at times downright forced it into what turned into the most spectacularly personal and beautiful day we could have imagined. We were driven around the Hertfordshire countryside to look at suitable venues when we thought thats what we wanted, and then around London venues without any complaint when we changed our minds; we were hand-held through a labyrinth of paperwork which would certainly have defeated us if left to our own devices; and we received expert advice and feedback on all of our ideas and queries, from the very basic to the minutely detailed.

Rachel acted as a first point of contact for the venue, the photographer, the DJ and the band, and having found our venue, found our caterer, our florist, our furniture hire, our printer, and much more besides, as well as making sure all the things she couldnt do for us (such as giving notice at the Town Hall, which we didnt even know we were supposed to do) were done in good time.

It was utterly invaluable to us to have the project in the hands of someone so friendly and competent, and never more so than on the day itself, when the many moving parts needed deft handling. Rachel orchestrated the movements of the guests and contractors calmly and discreetly, leaving us with exactly what we wanted: the freedom to devote ourselves to the enjoyment of a wedding which went without a hitch.”

Karen - birthday celebration

“Thanks so much for working so hard and organising it so brilliantly! It was fantastic!”

Beth & Josh – wedding

Beth: “Rachel was truly fantastic and we could not have pulled the day together without her. She was both warm and professional and seemed to know instinctively the kind of day we wanted. We were looking for informal, unwedding wedding and she came up with lots of creative ideas and made the preparations go so smoothly. I really cannot thank her enough!”

Anna: “As the mother of the bride (with some anxieties over progress on the planning of the Big Day!), Rachel inspired confidence as soon as we met her. She fulfilled all of our expectations. She solved all the problems we threw at her- big and small- and all with such good humour and efficiency. She was a crucial part of making the Big Day a really special one for us all!”